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Times vary from venue to venue, this page is a general guideline. Please view your selected venue for more specific information.


Current game times vary between venues depending on their popularity, however all team/player entries should be mindful that any venue may have a start time of 6pm and a final game time of 10.10pm.

Generally - outer suburb venues such as Braybrook, Preston & Doncaster, would have earliest game 635pm and last game 945pm.

When registering for most competitions you can select to cut out the last time slot of the night or the first time slot of the night - but not both.

To see game times for your venue of choice, go to:

Clifton Hill | Preston | Reservoir | Bundoora | Doncaster | Richmond | Footscray | Braybrook | Brunswick


Brunswick Indoor Beach Volleyball: from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. Teams must be available all times - however you can make specific requests.

Thursday Morning Ladies

Footscray Full Court Netball: Game times are 9.40am, 10.20am and 11.00am and child playgroup is available.