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Netball Umpires: Join Us

All CitySide Sports umpires must be eligible to obtain a Working With Children Check should we ask for it, due to allowing players from the age of 14 and up. We also require all our umpires to be 18 years of age or older.

We believe we have the most advanced umpiring team of any social competition. We have two National AA Badge umpires, five National A Badge umpires, over 30 National B Badged umpires and all other umpires are C Badged or working towards their C Badge under our guidance. However, we are NOT Netball Victoria affiliated and you do not have to be badged to umpire with us. All training provided and we can arrange for your badge testing.

CitySide Sports has a very simple philosophy when it comes to our umpires. "We look after our umpires and in return they look after us, not the other way around!" Happy umpires, means happy teams. Teams pay good money to play and should receive umpires who are involved and in the right position at all times to make the best possible decisions - it's what the players deserve.

Here at CitySide Sports we are a very social group. From the Managers, Court Supervisors, Umpire Supervisors and Umpires, many of us have built great friendships that can also involve some long and fun nights out (including our Christmas Party!!).

We are always working towards making sure that not only our work environment is a fun and enjoyable one for all that balances these friendships but also encourages great workmanship.

CitySide Sports has the following expectations of our umpires. If you do not feel you can fit this criteria, please do not apply. We prefer to be blunt about this now, as it is essential to us that our teams are getting more than what they are paying for.
Run, run and run some more!We do not tolerate umpires who walk, or make decisions for the goal circle from the corner of the goal third. You are expected to have a good level of fitness but more importantly have the drive to put in your best effort for the teams.
Reliability & PunctualityOur umpires are expected to put their availability in for the following week by 5pm each Thursday. Rosters are then sent out on a Friday and umpires are required to stick to their shifts. If unwell on the day, our umpires are expected to notify management early in the day. Umpires should arrive 15-minutes before their shift starts.
AvailabilityAll umpires must be available to umpire at least three venues. We have nine netball venues, Clifton Hill, Richmond (x2), Doncaster, Preston, Bundoora, Footscray and Ascot Vale. We work on a policy that states, 'The more you make yourself available, the more shifts you will get.' For example: Umpires who are available two nights, will get priority over umpires who can only umpire one night.
Learn & Self-EducateUmpires are required to take on feedback and instructions given by our experienced Umpire Supervising team, as well as keep up to date on rules and attend Training Days where possible and must complete their online exam annually with a pass mark of 85%, more frequent and a higher rate than the requirement by Netball Australia.
Pleasant & FunWe are looking for umpires with a fun attitude and can be approached easily by players. We like our staff to enjoy themselves!
Run, run and run some more!You're not seeing double! This was worth repeating.

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COMMENTS - Please give any additional information you feel appropriate including where you currently umpire or have umpired in the past, or if you have not umpired and looking to umpire with us - please list your playing experience.