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We supply all balls and equipment, including bibs for netball, where required.

We are all about ensuring players are comfortable but also making sure that our uniform requirements are safe as well as easy for our umpires to ensure they can do the best job.

All players from the same team must wear the same colour top. Any colour and any type of bottoms can be worn excluding denim.

NETBALL: Players cannot participate if they are not in the same colour top as their team mates (preliminary grading rounds are not included). We do not penalise teams goals/points for being out of uniform.

VOLLEYBALL: During competition rounds, teams are penalised 2-points per player out of uniform from the moment that player takes the court.

We do supply a range of tops in many colours and sizes in case a player forgets theirs or you need a fill in player from the game before. While we provide many spare tops and wash them reguarly, we do not guarantee that the correct colour will be clean or available. The onus is on the team to be in the correct uniform.

NOTE: For Netball (Full & Beach), NO SHOE STRING SINGLETS can be worn. The top/sleeves must be seen past the bib to ensure the team colour top is clearly visible.
Hoodies and hard tipped hats are also never permitted for netball.
For all other uniform requirements, please see the Competition By-Laws for your specific sport.